Email Security

Email Security

Most hacks start with a targeted email attack.

Protect your business users and data by making email safe from ransomware, phishing, data theft, and other advanced threats.

Email Address & Account Security

Protect your email users and data
With email representing the greatest threat vector for cyber threats, email security should be a top priority for organizations. Data theft, malware, spam, and phishing attacks have become increasingly sophisticated. End-to-end protection of your business email is critical for both inbound and outbound emails and needs to include reliable backup, and good archiving practices to prevent from data loss.

Inbound filtering

Protect against incoming spam, viruses, and phishing attacks.

Outbound filtering

Filter outbound emails and encrypt sensitive data to prevent data leakage.

Cloud Backup & Archiving

Backup and archive emails to protect from accidental or malicious data loss and deletion.