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There are roughly 156 million phishing emails sent each day. 16 million of those emails make it to inboxes and are not sent to spam. Out of those numbers, 80,000 people take the lure per day from phishing emails. A phishing email attack is when a hacker baits an organization by posing to be someone from your organization, targeting your confidential information such as credit card numbers or bank accounts.

Email is a very common entry vector for hackers looking to gain a foothold in an enterprise network and breach valuable company data.

Phishing emails can sometimes be so convincing, that they can even pose as a specific company such as your bank with the same logos and graphics. When an attacker is phishing for your sensitive information it can be very convincing. Another form of attack on your company’s email is the implementation of malware or ransomware.

Malware is a virus used to disable the use of your computer while the attacker mines your data. Ransomware is when a hacker disables your computer and holds your access for ransom, demanding a harsh fee. These viruses breach your computer through attachments in a phishing email. The majority of email users do not know how to distinguish a sophisticated phishing email.

Basic anti-spam filters are not enough. Hackers are becoming more and more convincing and tricky by using a good URL and redirecting it to a phishing URL. Most email security solutions are more reactive versus predictive. With our sophisticated cloud email security strategy, malicious content is detected by prediction and strategy.

When a phishing email is opened by one of your employees, your entire organization is compromised. An email attack on your organization could cost your company all of its data and money. There are multiple avenues for email security. With AGT as your trusted advisors, we ensure that you are equip with the best email security solutions to block malicious emails from breaching your in your inbox.

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