Virtual CISO Advisory Services



Need Expert Help? With our virtual CISO service (vCISO or CISO as a Service) you can call on our experts to help augment your team for a specific project.    

Vulnerability Assessment



Vulnerability assessments help identify inherent cyber risks and provide measures, processes and controls to reduce the impact of these risks to business operations.


Cyber Awareness and Training



With our computer-based instructional design course options, it is easy and cost effective for your users to learn anytime, anywhere.    

Cybersecurity Strategy


Achieve your business goals in the knowledge that your business is protected from potential attacks and security breaches.



Incident Response


When attacks occur, normal operation can be stressful. Get relief with: Response planning, Investigation, Forensics, and Remediation



Who are we?
What do we do?

With an experienced team of 30+ years, Ascension Global Technology is a full-service cybersecurity consulting firm offering complete end-to-end strategic solutions and services. Our in-house experts and ecosystem of cyber security practitioners and market-leading software vendors are here to support our client’s vision toward a strong security posture. By creating a holistic foundation, implementing industry best practices, and incorporating principles of Zero Trust security, we reduce our client’s business and third-party risks while helping streamline their operations.

Our approach is simple, we are an extension of your team and your trusted advisors every step of the way. Our hands-on approach provides each client with a personalized experience to minimizing risk within a business. In a market that is saturated with technology products, services, and solutions that all claim to provide the cure-all to your security concerns, we will guide you towards the cybersecurity programs most appropriate for your business needs. AGT offers security protection through VCISO consulting, ransomware advisory services, cybersecurity strategy, vendor management, managed security services, project management and cyber training. With services designed to improve any organization’s overall security posture, AGT white glove approach provides our clients successful cyber security programs to protect companies from privacy, cyber crime, data and financial loss.

In a cloud-first digital world, Ascension Global Technology aims to set your company free of the legacy tools and practices that binds you. We are redefining the client experience by focusing on your goals and initiatives first. We are creating a holistic workforce and improving company culture by defining a new way of providing cybersecurity strategies and programs to organizations globally. Our mission is to empower our clients and community with leading trusted advisors, innovative technologies and partners in the field. We are a team of dedicated cybersecurity professionals that will walk you through your digital transformation seamlessly and securely. 

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  • I am writing to recommend the services of Ascension Global Technologies (AGT). I have been working with AGT for almost 2 years, and during the time AGT has proven to be a partner of the highest caliber. AGT does an excellent job, is always punctual, and has demonstrated on every occasion that their primary goal is to put the interests of my organization first. This holistic partnership mentality transcends the specific solutions or services being discussed, and gets right to what we need as an organization to accomplish our vision and goals. I value that greatly, and have found it both rare and refreshing. AGT is always willing to do what’s necessary to assist in meeting any specific strategic vision and I’m thankful to have them as a partner. I’m happy to recommend Ascension Global Technologies.

    Brandon R. Billingsley
    Sr. Network Engineer/IT Project Manager
  • “I would highly recommend Delta and Ascension. I had the opportunity to work closely with Delta on a very large project. Her advisory and business service skills are some of the very best. Delta treats everyone with the utmost respect and makes her self available 24/7 when questions or issues arise. Any company looking for a business partner other than Delta would be foolish. She is a great resource and that is very hard to find in such a fast paced busy field.”

    Greg M.
    Senior Security Analyst
  • “AGT has been with us from the beginning, and has been an integral part of our security development. Their depth of knowledge and tight relationships with top tier vendors has been crucial in helping us archi