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Your unique business security challenges are addressed in a holistic way – after all your security is only as strong as your weakest link.  We partner with you to provide comprehensive enterprise network and data security solutions.

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Defend your business IT systems, assets and data from loss and compromise with our tried, tested and proven security solutions.

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You will be guided through the digital transformation journey and meet your security goals with the help of our dedicated, knowledgeable and supportive team of expert advisors.

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Your business IT operations and applications require your users to work efficiently and productively while also allowing you to meet your rising customer expectations.  All this needs to be done in safe and secure IT environments.  As a boutique security/IT consulting firm, we work with you to adopt cyber security technologies and solutions to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data, users, and networks.  We help your business migrate to the cloud and adopt best-in-class security solutions to keep your enterprise competitive in today’s digital economy.


Digital Transformation

Your customers, partners and stakeholders expect more.  With IT now a critical strategic player, directly impacting an organization’s bottom line, we’ll help you decrease IT complexity and drive ROI.

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Software Defined-WAN

We’ll help make your move to SD-WAN simple and efficient.  using internet-facing circuits instead of private circuits does not have to be intimidating — we will help guide you. 

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Identity & Access Management

Protect your employees while securely connecting with your partners, suppliers and customers.  Work securely from any device with a cloud-based identity management solution for your enterprise.

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Internet Security

Work confidently and securely in the cloud with an award-winning security as a service platform that sits between your company and cyber threats.

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Network Transformation

We’ll take the telecommunications landscape from confusing, time consuming and unnecessarily expensive, to simple and efficient.

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Endpoint Security

We’ll help you protect yourself against all attack types – both Malware and Malware-Free. Our cloud delivered endpoint solutions protect, detect and respond to attacks in real time.

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Cloud Solutions

We’ll help you with secure, efficient and scalable cloud solutions for your business.  Moving to the cloud does not have to be costly or complicated.

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Email Security

Protect your business users and data by making email safe from ransomware, phishing, data theft, and other advanced threats.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your accounts from attackers by integrating two-factor and multi-factor authentication with your applications.

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SOC Services

SOC services providing a 24/7 security operations center and full managed services to your security posture.

Project Management

Project management from start to finish for a strategic and painless journey to your digital transformation.

CISO Services

Providing guidance strategy for your business operations by reducing risk with our virtual CISO Services.

Simplify Your Security.

Our advisory services and technology solutions are designed to:
  • Derisk your business
  • Improve your security posture
  • Protect your business assets & data
  • Improve your business processes & applications in the cloud
  • Gain the technology tools to achieve your business goals
  • Prevent, detect & mitigate breaches
  • Give you greater control, visibility & confidence in your IT security
  • Minimize & protect from attacks and losses
  • Provide integrated security solutions
A holistic approach to your security posture.

Security for the new Digital Era

The best opportunity for efficient, effective, and sustained cybersecurity in the workplace is based on a holistic approach, which balances people, processes, and technology. To meet today’s complex cybersecurity challenges, organizations must broaden the scope of cybersecurity beyond technology tools to encompass people and processes in an integrated manner.

By looking at enterprise security holistically and developing a culture of cyber awareness, companies will be better prepared for the challenges to come.

There is no such thing as a one-size fits all cybersecurity program or strategy. As unique as your business is, so too will be your approach to cybersecurity solutions.

If your organization would like an assessment on its current security posture or you require assistance with identifying and address security gaps, Ascension Global Technology can help you with a comprehensive, customized cybersecurity strategy using a holistic approach.

Not all enterprise-class cybersecurity vendors offer industry experience, support for IT initiatives and a commitment to streamlining security operations.  We work only with best-in-class vendors that also offer superior knowledge and support. Contact AGT today to find out how we can help you achieve a holistic cybersecurity posture.

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  • I am writing to recommend the services of Ascension Global Technologies (AGT). I have been working with AGT for almost 2 years, and during the time AGT has proven to be a partner of the highest caliber. AGT does an excellent job, is always punctual, and has demonstrated on every occasion that their primary goal is to put the interests of my organization first. This holistic partnership mentality transcends the specific solutions or services being discussed, and gets right to what we need as an organization to accomplish our vision and goals. I value that greatly, and have found it both rare and refreshing. AGT is always willing to do what’s necessary to assist in meeting any specific strategic vision and I’m thankful to have them as a partner. I’m happy to recommend Ascension Global Technologies

    Brandon R. Billingsley
    Sr. Network Engineer/IT Project Manager

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