Security Preview

Zscaler Security Preview tests vulnerabilities in your network through a simple, comprehensive Web-based tool to help your organization pinpoint security gaps and recommend the appropriate action to properly secure your network and content.


In fact, 85% of companies who run this test find vulnerabilities that require immediate attention, and numerous companies have found security holes resulting from misconfiguration or lack of capacity.

Safe & Secure

In just 60 seconds, Zscaler Security Preview can give you an instant risk assessment of your current security and compliance infrastructure, with recommendations for closing any gaps. You can run Security Preview at anytime, view the results online and save them as a PDF report, and share the findings with your colleagues.

How Healthy is your Security

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Your IT environment has evolved significantly over the past decade, expanding from a centralized data center approach to a more cloud and mobile-centric model. Attackers have adjusted their tactics along the way, shifting their focus from servers in your data center to your users and web browsers, and developing cyber-attacks that elude traditional signature-based security methods Unfortunately, enterprises have largely failed to keep pace with these changes, continuing to use dated methods to thwart attacks, and appliance-based security infrastructure to protect an increasingly cloud and mobile centric workplace. As a result, despite costly on-premise internet security solutions, many enterprises find vulnerabilities in their current infrastructure.


criminals can now direct it to exfiltrate your intellectual property, infect other machines on your internal network, participate in Distributed Denial of Service attacks, email spam, spreading spyware, and other malicious attacks. This test tries to contact a known Botnet command and control server (‘calling home’) to determine if your internet security infrastructure will stop it..

Malicious Sites

Hackers can launch zero day and ‘watering hole’ attacks by compromising legitimate sites with malicious code. This test checks to see if your security solution blocks a malicious page hosted on a compromised site.

Cross-Site Scripting

these attacks can steal a web visitor’s credentials and session keys (e.g. passwords and other sensitive data). This test visits a website that has been compromised by malicious code and checks to see if it is able to compromise your web browser.


Criminals typically target phishing attacks at employees to steal corporate credentials or sensitive personal data. This test checks to see if your computer is able to access one of the latest validated phishing sites uncovered by Phishtank.com.


99% of anti-virus engines detect and block this common virus at the network level. This tests checks to see if your infrastructure will block a virus coming from a CDN, which is how most web content is delivered today.

Download EXE

Malware is often distributed through executable files downloaded from unknown websites or app stores. This test tries to download an executable file to test whether your system blocks, analyzes or quarantines it.

Compliance Test

Data Leaks
Embargoed Countries

Stealing your customer data and intellectual property is the goal of some of the world’s most dangerous
hackers. This test checks to see if your security solution can detect and block attempts to leak sensitive data including
credit card numbers and social security numbers by various online methods such as posting to a website or emailing.

Employees often try to bypass company policy by using anonymizing proxies that allow them to visit
blacklisted websites, or view pornography or other harmful content. This test checks to see if your security solution
allows you to use an anonymizing website by trying to visit a blacklisted website through a well-known anonymizer.

Most companies wish to comply with US and EU trade laws and prevent users from visiting
websites in countries that are under embargo. Additionally, compromised websites are often hosted in countries that
are hostile to the United States and the European Union. This test checks your ability to visit a website located in North
Korea, which is under US and EU Trade embargo.

Security As a Service

About Zscaler

By 2008, Zscaler founders could see that business was transforming, moving away from the corporate network and into the cloud. Believing that the only way to deliver security for the cloud would be in the cloud, we set out to build a global, multi-tenant platform with comprehensive, integrated security services and access controls to protect organizations from cyberattacks and prevent data loss. Today, Zscaler operates the world’s largest 100% cloud-delivered security platform, helping thousands of leading organizations make the secure transformation to the cloud. Learn more at www.zscaler.com.
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Is your Network Vulnerable?

• Common viruses
• Cross-site scripting attacks
• Malicious code
• Phishing attacks
• Malicious websites
• Malware in zipped and
executable files
• Browser cookie stealing
• Executable file downloads
• Sensitive data leaks,
including credit card data,
intellectual property, U.S.
Social Security numbers
• Embargoed websites in
countries designated by
the United States and/or
European Union


Zscaler's quick, confidential and safe test can pinpoint weak spots for you to take action