Our Services

Advisory Services

Whether your organization has a cybersecurity skills gap or whether you simply need an independent advisor to augment your in-house team, AGT is here to help you. We provide security risk assessment and analysis to help you identify vulnerabilities and provide recommended solutions to reinforce your organization’s security posture.

Strategy Services

Save time and money by having a clear path and vision for your organization’s digital transformation journey. We work with you to develop your strategy for complete end-to-end security solutions, from application security, security and intelligence, network transformation and architecture, to full cloud enablement.

Awareness & Training

We train your workforce in understanding how critical their roles are in helping protect your organization from attacks. Through education and awareness, you can empower your employees to be vigilant in helping to improve security and reduce risks. In a world of constant and frequent security threats, your employees can be your greatest asset or weakest links when it comes to protecting your organization.

Cloud Architecture

We design communications networks and frameworks using technologies that are not just best-in-class but also guaranteed to provide you with better return on your investment dollars. Our model focuses on a “Born In the Cloud” solutions that enable your network to be protected wherever and whenever.

Project Management

Our measure of success is based on your successful adoption of security solutions. We are with you from technology selection to deployment, implementation and beyond. You won’t just receive recommendations on security solutions and be left to figure out the rest. We guide you throughout the entire process as part of our unrivaled support and full service white-glove service approach.

Free Assessment Tools

The ETS is a one-time scan that checks all the last 12 months of mail against signals of impersonation. The scan does not ‘read’ or store the mail, the scan tries to understand if -for example- a “Display From” impersonation has taken place by using an external SMTP address that doesn’t match the ‘usual’, internal, SMTP address of an employee. It also looks for service impersonations that claim to -for example- be from Office 365, asking for password resets but really lure the attacked victim to credential harvesting websites.

When the access is permitted, the ETS will do a READ ONLY scan without any changes to the O365 tenant. Again, it’s one-time only, there is no ongoing monitoring with ETS.

The access token for the ETS can be revoked immediately after the scan is finished. Also, the sign-on process if handled by Microsoft’s OAUTH system. Barracuda never sees any credentials, we only receive said token back from MS. The user that activates the scan can use 2FA and/or change the user’s password immediately after the signup is completed.

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