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Zscaler Security as a Service Platform

Welcome to the era of cloud and Mobility

Your applications are moving to the cloud – salesforce, Office 365, AWS, and Azure – but your security appliances are still on-premises, protecting your corporate network. 

Zscaler Internet Access

Your security Stack as a Service

Zscaler Internet Access delivers your security stack as a service from the cloud, eliminating
the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway approaches. By moving security
to a globally distributed cloud, Zscaler brings the Internet gateway closer to the user for a
faster experience. Organizations can easily scale protection to all offices or users, regardless
of location, and minimize network and appliance infrastructure.

The data center used to be the center of gravity. When applications resided there, it made sense to backhaul traffic from branch offices over a hub-and-spoke network. As traffic patterns shifted to the Internet, gateways were built with stacks of security appliances to allow secure Internet access. These gateways were also centralized to minimize the cost and complexity of securing multiple locations.
However, as applications have moved to the cloud, the center of gravity has moved with it. User traffic often goes straight to the cloud, bypassing the security perimeter. Additionally, today’s complex threats have triggered an explosion of new security appliances, all finding their way into your overworked gateway. Administrators are in a constant battle to keep up with required security updates for their appliances. The complexity of deploying and managing all these appliances — and their associated costs — are out of control. Furthermore, it’s all associated with what is now an outdated architecture.

Real-Time Visibility, Analytics, and Reporting

Go from global visibility to actionable intelligence in seconds

Zscaler makes threat investigation seamless and immediate. Within seconds you can drill down to a per-user overview to understand events and correlate threats. Isolate botnet-compromised devices with a few clicks, or leverage application visibility to validate if and where non-IT–compliant apps are used.

“Zscaler applied immediate value during the proof-of-concept when we identified botnet infected machines. We’ve easily seen a 60% drop in malware related tickets after rolling out Zscaler” Seth McCallister, Head of global information security Beam Suntory

Master data Compliance

You can even fine-tune threat feeds to receive particular data in order to accommodate SIEM Events Per Second (EPS) restrictions.

Zscaler was purpose built with compliance and enterprise scale in mind. Customers can maintain true data residency compliance with their alert log data. Logs always remain in memory and are written to disk only within the customerspecified location. You can easily meet regulatory requirements based on the country in which your data needs to reside. For compliance mandates on local log archival, Zscaler Nanolog™ Streaming Service (NSS) allows you to transmit your logs to your SIEM in real time for external logging or advanced threat correlation. n

Data Loss Protection
Cloud Application Control
File Type Controls

Use standard or custom dictionaries to easily scale Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to all users and traffic, including compressed
or SSL-encrypted traffic.

Provides Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB) functionality with a click of a button. Discover and control user access to known and unknown cloud applications.

Deliver true file type control by user, location, and destination. Control which file types are allowed into — or out of — your network.

Cloud Firewall

Full DPI and access controls across all ports and protocols. App and user aware.

URL Filtering

Block or limit website access based on a user or group across destinations or URL categories.

Bandwidth Control

Enforce bandwidth policies and prioritize business-critical applications over recreational traffic.

DNS Filtering

Control and block DNS requests against known and malicious destinations.

Advanced Protection

Deliver real-time protection from malicious web content like browser exploits, scripts, and zero-pixel iFrames, and identify botnets and malware callbacks.

Cloud Sandbox

Block zero-day exploits by analyzing unknown files for malicious behavior, and easily scale to every user regardless of location.


Antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware protection for all users, using signatures sourced from over 60 threat intelligence sources.

DNS Security

Identify and route suspicious command and-control connections to Zscaler threat detection engines for full content inspection.

How a Zscaler Customer deployed Office 365 across hundreds of locations

A highly distributed organization migrating its users to Office 365 was experiencing significant WAN congestion and Office 365 sessions were overwhelming its firewalls. With Zscaler, the company was able to deliver a great Office 365 experience across 650 locations. And Zscaler made it easy to prioritize Office 365 traffic over recreational or less critical traffic.

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Protection against Ransomware