Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Firewall

Application and user-aware Firewall Security Anywhere, Anytime from the cloud

Traditional firewall appliances are no longer enough to protect you from increasingly sophisticated port-hopping applications and malware. The Zscaler Next Generation Firewall allows you to protect your organization’s Internet access against application based threats across your entire distributed enterprise. We intelligently identify Internet-based applications across all ports and protocols, enforce granular access policies for users, locations and applications, and block cyber-threats and data leaks.

Cloud Technology Zscaler is delivered from the cloud, you get broad security coverage across your entire distributed enterprise, including branches, remote offices, retail outlets, warehouses, factories, and even Internet of Things devices.

Key Benefits of Zscaler Next Generation Firewall

  • Comprehensive security with no “gaps”
  • Protect all Internet-bound traffic for all your systems, users, devices and things
  • Protect remote locations where you could never afford to deploy appliance-based firewalls
  • Add next generation firewall capabilities on top of your traditional “port and protocol”firewalls, without the need for a forklift upgrade
  • Deploy multiple layers of Internet security, with integrated next generation firewall, secure web gateway, advanced persistent threat protection, data leakage protection, SSL decryption, traffic bandwidth management, and more
  • Instantaneous, cloud-wide updates—when a new zero-day threat is identified, all 13 million Zscaler users are instantly protected

Next Generation Firewall Functionality

Zscaler Security
  • Traditional “Port and Protocol” Traffic Filtering — Apply security policy based on source and destination IP address, ports, and protocols
  • Application Awareness — Identify applications regardless of port, protocol, evasive techniques, or SSL encryption using a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine
  • Application Visibility — Show the applications, users, threats, and content traversing your network in a graphical dashboard, with the ability to drill into the details.
  • Application Control — Apply granular allow/block security policies by application, user, group, department, location, and time.
  • Application Bandwidth Control — Define and enforce policies specifying minimum bandwidth allocations for each major Internet applicationUser, Group and Location Control — Identify users and groups, and apply security policy based on identity and location
  • Intrusion Prevention System — Using real-time traffic analysis, identify and block known threats such as malicious URLs and malware using signature-based defenses.
  • Cloud Threat Intelligence — Cloud-based system that identifies known threats by correlating traffic from over 13 billion daily Internet transactions combined with multiple external threat tracking and sharing services.
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Visibility & Control to Manage the business

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  • Define firewall policies by application, user, and location
  • Identify and manage thousands of applications, including port and IP address agile, mobile and cloud applications
  • Manage security policy and enforcement from a single management console globally
  • Manage port-agile applications that are difficult to detect and control, including
  • Cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and Google apps with frequently IP addresses
  • Peer-to-Peer application like Skype, BitTorrent and Tor
  • Port evasive applications and Anonymizer’s like Ultra surf

Reduction & Cost Savings

Massive Complexity Reduction and Cost Savings fro Branch and Distributed Deployments

  • Eliminate the need to deploy, manage and maintain expensive next generation firewall appliances at your branch offices, retail stores, manufacturing sites or remote locations
  • Deployment is fast and easy—there is no hardware or software to install or maintain.
  • Dramatically reduce your administrative burden with one globally managed cloud-based system
  • Scale up or add features without adding more boxes—our massively distributed, high performance security as a service platform delivers fast performance and high throughput with minimal latency
  • Far lower total cost of ownership than hardware appliances or software
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Next Generation Firewall

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