Protect your business from security threats through actionable insight into the performance, stability and security of your applications and networks.

Enterprise Visibility

Complete visibility means stronger applications, tighter security, and higher return on IT investment.  Achieve total visibility across your physical and virtual networks so can your teams—and your tools—can make the right decisions at the right time to secure your network.

Stronger Application Security

Ensure the highest-performing security for your network and applications by getting the tools and capabilities to test, secure and visualize your physical and virtual networks so your applications run stronger.

Trusted environments in which to develop, deploy, and operate
  • product testing
  • design verification
  • performance optimization
  • security infrastructure integrity validation
  • real-time operation monitoring
  • Understand which applications are running on your network and ensure that no rogue applications are hijacking your bandwidth, slowing you down and affecting your performance and productivity.
  • Anticipate and develop next-generation protocols, features, and attacks to test high-performance network and security products as well as Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE networks in both pre-deployment and real-world conditions.
  • Emulate current and next-generation attacks to evaluate the security strength of products. Recognize and  surgically block these attacks and boost the performance and resilience of downstream security tools.
  • Eliminate dangerous blindspots using taps for data access, bypass switches for resilient inline security, and network packet brokers for context-aware data processing and security intelligence.