Data Center Decommission

Data Center Decommissioning


You're Moving To The Cloud. What Do You Do with Retired Equipment?

Your organization has invested significant costs into network equipment and hardware.  As you adopt a cloud-first strategy and refresh your hardware, have you considered how you will securely retire your legacy equipment? Retire your redundant hardware assets the right way from start to finish with our data center decommission experts. We can even help you recover value from assets to offset some of the costs associated with moving to the cloud.

  • Secure your data and protect your brand
  • Reduce your security risk
  • Have confidence that your data is securely disposed/destroyed 

We take care of the entire process for data center decommission so you don’t have to.  From audit, logistics, data security, and value recovery – we do it with integrity and according to industry standards.

Data Security

Secure, Ethical Data & Equipment Disposal

NIST, DOD, and NSA-approved methods for wiping and destruction, both onsite and offsite. All backed by multi-stage comparative audits, documented chain-of-custody, and serialized certificates of destruction.


World-wide, End-to-End, Logistics

End-to-end services from audit to moves to worldwide logistics with import/export assistance. Keep your teams looking forward, not re-inventing non-core expertise.


Value Recovery

Flexible, Value Recovery Options

Fair market valuation, managed bid process, fixed timing, and audited electronic serial/asset-tag data for balance sheet reconciliation. We also offer flexible terms for value recovery, including cash and credits via 3rd parties.

ethical data disposal and destruction

Secure Your Data. Protect Your Brand

As organizations undertake major network transformation and adopt cloud-first strategies, your mission is to secure the future. At the same time, you have to get rid of legacy equipment, information and data. You can avoid costly mistakes and reduce your data security and compliance risk by using a data center decommission company that does the job right. Our end-to-end data center decommissioning services include onsite and offsite data wiping and destruction (data security operations), global logistics services, and flexible asset value recovery options.

Why Use Our Data Centre Decommissioning Expertise?

Data Center Decommissioning Done Right

Expertise & Single Point Coordination

end-to-end data decommission service

There are hundreds of details that can create compliance issues, jeopardize key dates, or create other risks.  We are your single point of contact for all decommission activities.  We manage the project from start to finish: audit, site-surveys, data destruction, shipping, export, partial or full move-outs, internal moves, managed bids, and value recovery.

Global coverage and scale

US-based operating world-wide

With onsite project management expertise across four continents, ranging from dozens of IT assets to hundreds of thousands, we are ready to meet your IT hardware decommissioning needs.

Protect your brand

Secure your data

All e-waste is handled ethically to protect your brand. Not only do we secure your data, we strictly adhere to industry best practices for ethical final disposition of e-waste material. We provide a full audit trail so you can have confidence that your data and equipment is handled safely, and destroyed as planned. No need to worry about sensitive data getting into the wrong hands or left to be retrieved. We take care of it for you so you don’t have to. 

Who Are You Handing Your Sensitive Data and Hardware Assets Over To?

When it comes to handing over your assets and data, With AGT you can trust that you’re in good hands. For the entire data decommissioning project lifecycle– from audit, compliance, transport and logistics, data security, to value recovery– We will work tirelessly to protect your brand.

As we help you look ahead to the future, we also help you ensure you are securely handling your past. While not all assets will find a new life on the secondary market we will help you maximize value where possible. This can help you recoup some of your costs associated with migrating to cloud environments

Don’t just trust anyone with your sensitive data. Hand it over to experts you can trust. With a strong track record and dedication to following the industries best practices for ethical e-waste disposal.

Data Disposal and Hardware Destruction With Integrity

Find out why top Fortune 500 companies choose our data decommission partner to take care of their assets.

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