Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy

Managed Services and SOC

Our security operations and managed security services (“MSS”), include incident response, support services and strategic staffing. We manage and monitor our clients’ security operations 24×7 from our security operations center (“SOC”).

Cybersecurity Strategy

To create a cybersecurity strategy, you must assess your vulnerabilities and have the ability to choose the right capabilities and solutions for your organization. We help you develop the right cybersecurity strategy that is specially tailored for you and your vulnerabilities by adopting the best up to date solutions.

Security Technologies

AGT offers you the latest cutting edge cybersecurity technologies on the market. We offer endpoint security, internet security, email security, Multi-factor security, and next- generation cybersecurity solutions to protect you from breaches in a cloud-first mobile world

Data Center Decommissioning

data center decommissioning

Our end-to-end data center decommission project management services include onsite and offsite data wiping and destruction (data security operations), global logistics services, and flexible asset value recovery options.