Our Company

Ascension Global Technology
Why "AGT"

Our Mission!

We’re a boutique Security/IT Consulting firm with one mission:

To safely guide our partners into the digital era, empowering you to achieve your IT vision through a unique combination of powerful tools and expert ecosystem.

It’s our mission that differentiates us:

Safety: Cyber threats are real and every business invites exponential vulnerability with every mobile worker, every device and every new app. We arm our customers with the highest rated cybersecurity tools available. We’ve tested them all (and Gartner has too); we’ve got your back (and your front).

Our Partners: Our founder started this company because her corporate career stopped giving her the one thing she was most passionate about – sharing the win. We view our clients as real partners. Digital transformation may have a clear start, but it certainly doesn’t have a tidy finish line; technology and expectations will evolve and the finish line will move. That’s why we attach at the hip and jump in for the long haul. (Really. We have a 0% customer attrition rate.)

Digital Era: As businesses are forced to migrate to the cloud, meet rising customer expectations and keep pace with a changing competitive landscape the ramifications of the digital era infiltrate every part of the business. Whether you are enhancing your mobile customer experience or overhauling your workforce processes we can help you navigate your way through a complete digital transformation.

Powerful Tools: Every business has a unique set of challenges driving a unique set of goals. Not surprisingly, every business will follow a unique journey to reach those goals. It’s why we rely on a stellar toolbox of platforms to help you execute; Gartner tested and customer approved – we use nothing but the best (and most innovative) for our partners.

Expert Ecosystem: As a recognized leader in digital transformation advisory services, we can appreciate solid advice. It’s why our ecosystem runs deep and we constantly collaborate with experts on the cutting edge of what’s next. With every new project we assemble the perfect team to meet the challenges at hand.

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