Our Company

Ascension Global Technology

What We Do

We’re a boutique Security/IT Consulting firm on a mission to safely guide our partners into the digital era, empowering you to achieve your IT vision through a unique combination of powerful tools and expert ecosystem.

SAFETY: Cyber threats are real and every business invites exponential vulnerability with every mobile worker, every device and every new app. We arm our customers with the highest rated cybersecurity tools available. We’ve tested them all (and Gartner has too); we’ve got you covered.


OUR PARTNERS: Our clients are our family and the relationships we build are based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.  We are there for you when it matters most and we understand the critical nature of your business goals and responsibilities.  We protect your business as if it were our own and we attach at the hip and jump in for the long haul. (Really. We have a 0% customer attrition rate.)


DIGITAL ERA: Technology has rapidly evolved and the old business systems have become outdated.  More businesses are migrating to digital environments and moving operations and applications into the cloud to work more efficiently, meet rising customer expectations and keep pace with a changing competitive landscape.  Whether you are enhancing your mobile customer experience or overhauling your workforce processes we can help guide you safely through a complete digital transformation. Wherever you are on the digital transformation path, we provide you with a strategy to get where you need to be in a timely manner.


POWERFUL TOOLS: Every business has a unique set of challenges driving a unique set of goals. Not surprisingly, every business will follow a unique journey to reach those goals. It’s why we rely on a stellar toolbox of platforms to help you successfully achieve your business goals.  Our security technology solutions are Gartner tested and customer approved – we use nothing but the best (and most innovative) for our partners.


EXPERT ECOSYSTEM: We understand that it takes a high-performing team to successfully realize your business vision.  That’s why we assemble the perfect team of experts to meet the challenges at hand with every new project.  A top collaborative team is what it takes get you where you need to go, be it improving your  security posture or a complete digital transformation. 

Our Core Value

By building strong foundations of security and providing safe and secure environments, we believe that every person has an opportunity to reach their full potential to thrive and succeed in today’s digital world.

Our Mission

To safely guide our partners into the digital era.

Our services are designed to empower you to achieve your unique IT vision through a combination of powerful tools and expert ecosystem.


– Holistic end-to-end cyber security tools & integrated solutions

– digital transformation advisory services

– advice and guidance in the selection and adoption of cybersecurity solutions and tools

– dedicated project management services

– an ecosystem of technical and professional experts

– reliable support to ensure successful adoption, deployment, and implementation of technology tools and solutions


– a strong foundation of security that allows you to focus on your business, so you can achieve your goals for today and tomorrow.

– on your existing ecosystem and reinforcing and strengthening your security posture

– true partnerships, based on trust and family values

– genuine, long-lasting relationships and being a dependable resource that you can lean on

– workplace education and awareness programs to protect your workforce

Our Values


You have a trusted partner working side-by-side with you to address your unique business needs. No two businesses are the same — we will take the time to truly understand your vision and goals. We always work with your best interests at heart to provide you with the right solutions for your business.


We share a philosophy of valuing honesty and believe in treating others the way you would like to be treated. We treat our clients like family and our partnership extends beyond a simple transaction because we genuinely care about your success.


We work shoulder-to-shoulder alongside you throughout the lifetime of our partnership — together we can achieve your mission. Our professionalism, strong work ethic and dedication to our partners’ success is what keeps our clients coming back to us. We are determined to do what it takes to solve your IT security challenges. 


In the fast-paced world of IT, you know how important it is to have reliable support whenever you need it. As a busy professional, you can count on us to provide you with the support that you need, when you need it. We strive to provide you with unrivaled service and support — Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with our services and solutions.


Our aim to provide value to you and your company no matter what problems you need help solving. From assessment and evaluation, partial or whole of system solutions, we provide value in the services and solutions we offer by uniting the experts and integrating the technologies needed to deploy effective solutions.


Your goal is to find appropriate and effective IT security solutions for your business. Our goal is to design and deliver the best cybersecurity services and solutions for you in a way that is open, clear, and transparent.

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