Application Security

Application Security

The application security landscape is changing

Securely Develop, Manage & Optimize Application Security

If you have internally-developed applications or 3rd-party applications you need assurance that these applications are secure and meet compliance requirements.   

Find, Fix & Prevent Security Vulnerabilities

In order to find, fix and prevent application security vulnerabilities, you need insight and visibility to critical applications-based network traffic. 

Find out more about enabling application-specific visibility and monitoring your business applications to protect your most vital data.

Manage Application Security, Boost Performance

Leverage application visibility to protect critical business applications
Enterprises heavily rely on business software applications. The quality of your applications can impact your viability and how your partners and customers perceive you. Faulty and insecure software can put your data or the data of your business partners and customers at risk.
Have you quantified the potential impact of faulty or insecure applications on your networks? Mitigate unnecessary risks by recognizing the importance of application security and ensuring that you identify and mitigate all your vulnerabilities.
Protecting and monitoring business applications is critically important. Whether your high-value applications are written by others or developed in-house, you cannot risk leaving your company exposed to security defects. If you are neglecting application security, you could be inviting and aiding attackers to compromise your business networks.



Understand which applications are running on your network and ensure no rogue applications are hijacking your bandwidth.



Efficiently analyze large volumes of traffic to look for fingerprints of malware infections known as Indicators of Compromise


Eliminate malware and network “blind spots” and identify specific application signatures, not just application types

Keep your enterprise ahead of growing security risks

Improve your approach to enterprise application security. Find out more about establishing or upgrading an application security program for your enterprise, including safe application development practices.