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Cybersecurity Advisory


We provide strategic and operational leadership on security to companies that can’t afford a full-time person in the role. Services such as security compliance and demands, transformation strategy, product evaluation and testing, product procurement, deployment and implementation, product management andsecurity vendor management. No matter what industry you may be in, we have a team of security practitioners that are experts in each field. Guiding you to the highest cybersecurity practices and programs in the market.


Cloud computing offers many new possibilities and efficiencies for organizations as they migrate their applications to the cloud, both public and private. However, innovation and reliance on the cloud also introduces risk. AGT can support your organization by assessing your cloud infrastructure to determine if the appropriate levels of security and governance are implemented to counter these challenges.

Our highly experienced team of cloud experts can help you develop a customized plan that integrates your IT infrastructure, meets your business objectives, maximizes your technology investments and, above all, gives you a clear path forward. We ensure your transition to the cloud is a smooth and seamless process.


With a vast array of evolving technologies in today’s market, do you know which route is best for you and your organization? Our trusted team of CISOs and advisors will provide your organization with a technology road map that is tailored for you.

This Technology Road Map will support your strategic and long term planning goals for your company. This approach provides a structured means for exploring and communicating the relationships between evolving and developing markets, products, and technologies. 



Does your organization know how to manage risk? We offer guidance and advice as well as risk assessments to help you manage and mitigate your risk.

Risk assessments help identify inherent cyber risks and provide measures, processes and controls to reduce the impact of these risks to business operations. Our cybersecurity experts will assess your vulnerabilities by identifying your hazards, determining the threat levels of your vulnerabilities, and advising you on what your best course of action is.


Social engineering is an approach used by hackers to bypass cybersecurity solutions by targeting the individual through phishing. The hacker will disguise himself as someone else to get bait a person to divulge sensitive information. We provide the service of social engineering testing for your organization to gauge your level of social risk.


Vulnerability assessment breaks down a cybersecurity infrastructure to weaknesses within an organizations security posture. Vulnerabilities can either be present physically, digitally or socially. Vulnerability assessments cover weaknesses and levels of risk from social engineering, phishing, internal vulnerability, and external vulnerability


Without knowing your vulnerabilities, how could you know which direction to move forward in your cybersecurity strategy? Pen testing or ethical hacking, is the practice of testing a computer system, network or web application to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Penetration testing can be automated with software applications or performed manually. The main objective of penetration testing is to identify security weaknesses. It can can also be used to test an organization’s security policy, its adherence to compliance requirements, its employees’ security awareness and the organization’s ability to identify and respond to security incidents.



Knowing what to do, how to do it, and where to look, at the onset of a cyberattack can spell the difference between mitigatable losses from business ending incidents. There’s also the thought of reputation loss after an attack, if it’s even made known, and a sense of vulnerability that will be hard to deal with in the long term. However, not all is lost. While not everyone has an incident response plan, any forethought into precautionary and reactionary steps to improve your cyber-posture will mitigate future attacks.


People play an undeniable role in an organization’s overall security and risk posture.The majority of cyber breaches occur due to lack of cybersecurity awareness and training within the workplace. Do you employees know the right policies and procedures for a cyber attack? We offer cybersecurity awareness and training to prevent cyber breaches from the inside and out of your organization.

We offer a fun, non-technical cyber security training and awareness course designed to help you reduce your business risk through employee education.


Once technologies are on-boarded, we continue to partner with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied that the technology solutions are working for you. We conduct quarterly assessments with the view to maintaining quality and to keep you updated on changes and improvements to technology.