About Us

Who Are We? Ascension Global Technology is a services firm providing advisory and cybersecurity consultation for our clients globally. We understand that every client is at a different stage in their business and requires different cybersecurity needs. Our role is to minimize your risk by helping you choose and implement the cybersecurity solutions that are right for you. This allows you more time and resources to focus on the goals and visions unique to your business. No matter what industry you may be in, we have a team of security practitioners that are experts in each field guiding you
to the latest cybersecurity practices and programs on the market.
What Do We Do?

Our approach is simple; we work as an extension of your team and your trusted advisors every step of the way.
Our white-glove approach provides each client with a personalized experience as our experts help you minimize risk
within your business. You can rely on us to help you design and execute security programs that are fully aligned with
your business objectives.

We are here to help you simplify your cybersecurity program in a market that is saturated
with technology products, services, and solutions. While some of these options might claim to provide the cure-all
to your security concerns, our team of security practitioners focuses on providing a multi-layered approach to
cybersecurity guaranteeing your cyber safety in a cloud-first mobile world.

How Do we Do It?

From the moment we engage with you we will create a cybersecurity road map custom tailored for your business.
Keeping your goals, values, and visions in mind, we will work with your company to not only provide, but also
implement the systems, technology, and training required to secure your business.

We will then, as a service, help keep it secured as technology advances and changes in our increasingly cyber world.
We will be dedicated at every stage to becoming a trusted and valued partner to your business..

Our Mission

No matter what kind of business you may have or where you live, our mission is to protect our community of clients globally.
Each client is a part of our family and it is our duty to keep everyone safe and secure in today’s digital world.