Not all cyber security risks come from malware, viruses, or software vulnerabilities. One of the most grievous risks is a bit more obvious. Keeping passwords on post-it notes or in notepad files might be one of the most easy to recognize vulnerabilities you could discuss in a cyber security setting. Yet studies show it is a constant issue among most businesses and organizations. It’s even suggested the problem gets worse when corporations implement password policies.

So despite it being such an obvious risk, why do some people insist on writing their passwords on sticky notes? In simple words – Its easy. Many employees don’t realize the risk created when they exercise bad password practices. This includes Post-its, sharing passwords, or even using passwords that are simple or obvious. An even greater risk is how many employees regularly reuse the same passwords they use at home. This means each password list from one of the numerous yearly data leaks on the web could create a serious risk to a business or organization.

The solution to all these problems is simple, Maintain a strong password policy. Most organizations don’t even have one and if they do 61% of their employees don’t know what it is. Whether you run a small business or manage a huge team of people the importance of creating a password policy that works for your employees and training your them to implement it effectively is a key factor in maintaining a strong cyber defense. You should not only teach them the best password practices but inform them of the potential risks if they were to fail to implement them.  

One thing is for sure, no organization or business should let themselves be endangered by a stickynote.

Written by: James Sheehy

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