The importance of establishing strong cybersecurity systems within small to mid-sized companies increases every day. 60% of small businesses who are the victim of a cyber attack close their doors within six months. The U.S. Small Business Administration claims over 1/3rd of all cyber crimes target small to medium sized businesses. Those statistics have continued to rise every year. Small to medium sized businesses often struggle to implement the cyber security strategies and systems needed to protect their livelihood from cyber attacks.

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can play an important role in securing your companies systems, data, and offer a multitude of strategies to prepare your business for a cyber world.  A CISO will help you come up with long-term security and compliance plans, Assess risk and apply programs to minimize it, understand which security frameworks are most appropriate for your business and provide guidance in implementing those security systems and frameworks.

Reflective of the increasingly important role they play in modern business, An experienced CISO’s salary can average up to six figures. So despite their vital importance, not all companies have the resources needed to hire one full time. Nor might they require enough from a CISO to justify that cost. Many businesses have found a solution to this by hiring a Virtual CISO (vCISO).

vCISO have proven a cost effective solution for many small to mid-sized companies. A vCISO is an outsourced part time security provider. It allows access to all the expert knowledge and experience of a CISO while negating the expenses of hiring one full time. The benefits of using a vCISO go beyond just cost. They require no training and will have a wide variety of experience with many types of strategies and systems. They will be able to easily advise you on which are most appropriate for your business. 

In short, a vCISO can give you the peace of mind that you have the experience and knowledge of an expert CISO protecting your business while only paying a fraction of the cost of hiring one full time. 

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