What is a VPN?

Every time you access a website while browsing the internet your data must first go through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They can log and track that data while seeing everything you do online. Some of these companies even sell that information to governments, advertisers, or other third parties.  A Virtual Private Network (VPN) circumvents this problem by encrypting your internet traffic. Letting you connect through their servers and blocking your ISP from accessing your personal information and seeing your internet traffic. Instead your ISP only sees that you were connected to your VPN’s private servers.

This becomes even more important if you use public WiFi or hotspots. Can you really be sure the hotspot set up at your local coffee shop is secure? It could be set up by a criminal looking to steal your data or it could be incorrectly protected and allow prying eyes to see the passwords, credit card numbers, and banking details of anyone who has been accessing it. Unlike regular internet traffic a VPN will encrypt the data sent by your computer making the data intercepted from your computer by compromised wifi and hotspots totally useless.

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