tips for Black Friday

🎁 Tips for Safe Online Holiday shopping. 🛍

In 2018, 8% of consumers surveyed said they were victims of Identity theft during the holiday season. As black Friday approaches 56% of holiday shoppers plan to make purchases online in 2019. Before you shop this holiday season, we have prepared a list of cyber tips for you to stay safe from Online Criminals:

1. Ship to a Secure location

2. Only use official retailer apps to shop

3. Don’t save your credit card information on your accounts

4. Consider using apple pay or google pay for a second layer of protection

5. Don’t buy from unfamiliar retailers without confirming it’s legit

6. Don’t jump at the lowest Price

7. Never make purchases on public Wi-Fi

8. Try shopping with the extra security of a VPN

9. Use strong passwords and a Password manager

10. Check security policies on your selected retailers

11. Don’t get tripped up in Holiday shopping scam emails

12. No retailers ask for your social security number, so don’t give it out

13. Buy with Credit Cards

14. Use prepaid debit Cards

After purchasing gifts, keep an eye on all accounts and bank statements


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