What are millennials looking for in the workplace?

The millennial generation has been the most difficult generation to understand to date. Previous generations struggle to understand what millennials look for in the workplace. So let me shed some light for those in this dilemma. 

Millennials have been notorious for “dating jobs”, for those of you that need a definition, it’s jumping from organization to organization. The answer is simple, they do not settle for work environments that do not satisfy them. There are 73 million millennials and within two years, roughly 50% of the workforce will consist of this generation. 88% of younger employees say they plan to stay long-term at businesses considered “Best Workplaces for Millennials.” Here are some requirements that millennials look for in a workplace, and how cybersecurity solutions can help. 


Researchers say that 79% of millennial workers deem that flexibility is at the top of their priority list when searching for a job. Millennial workers are demanding a healthy work/life balance. Without it, they are extremely unhappy. This generation loves the ability to work remotely as well as have the utmost trust between themselves and their employers. 

Cybersecurity solutions have helped organizations across the globe retain millennial employees. They give employers high visibility into their remote workers while keeping their data secure. This technology enables a positive relationship between employee and employer, creating a healthy and trusting environment while allowing millennials to feel as though they have their necessary freedom. 


Millennials also require a positive work culture. They do not respond well to harsh environments. They prefer to be involved with their coworkers and create personal relationships with them. Millennials respond well to work cultures that know how to balance work and play. Happiness is also a top priority for this generation. Hence, a positive relationship with their employer is of the most importance. Take it from me, a millennial, If I do not feel happy with my workplace culture, I’ll find somewhere else where I do. I’ll stay wherever I feel happy. It’s that simple. 

Workplace Environment

It is no secret that millennials prefer to work remotely. With the latest cybersecurity solutions, it has made working from home even more acceptable, as they offer the employers a secure and monitored environment. 

There is a common statement I hear amongst my millennial peers, “I’ll take any job as long as it does not put me in a cubicle under fluorescent lighting.” Millennials do not like environments that do not encourage creativity, that is why studies have shown that 87% of them prefer to work from home. 

Retaining millennial employees has been a challenge for most organizations. The answer to keeping star millennial talent is offering flexibility, a healthy work culture, and an improvement to the work environment that allows for creativity. “Millennials are the least engaged generation in the workforce. Only 29 percent are engaged while 55% are not engaged, and 16% are actively disengaged.” -Gallup Research. 

Firms such as Ascension Global Technology are a forerunner in the efforts to provide a secure and trustworthy environment for the employers of this generation. AGT advises specific Cybersecurity solutions that are transforming the employee experience globally. These solutions offer flexibility to employees and full visibility to employers. This formula is the future for successful company culture.

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