Are you protected from phishing emails?

97% of all email users do not know what a phishing email looks like. 21% of all ransomware is sent through email and 92% of all malware is sent through emails. The average financial cost of a data breach is $3.86m. Email phishing is a very dangerous and also very common way for cyber criminals to take your money and your personal information.

The term “phishing” derives from “fishing” because the adversary will bait the email user with unsuspecting or fake emails that contain malware through clickable links, attachments, or they will often pose as someone else to steal sensitive information. If the user takes a bite on the lure and hands over their credit card information, usernames, passwords, or social security numbers, the person has been breached.

Some indications of a phishing email

·  Often attackers will disguise themselves as a boss, coworker, or someone that you know. The email address disguised as someone you know may have one letter or punctuation mark added in the email address.

·  Attackers may even try to reassure recipients by encouraging them to confirm the email is from a real address then they will coax the recipient to open a link that they provide. The link will lead to ransomware, malware, or other viruses.

·  Often times the adversary WILL be clever enough to call you by your name but sometimes they will start off the introduction with “Dear customer”.

·  An obvious sign is when it is an email from an address you are not familiar with. Do not open spam emails.

Here are some examples of phishing emails…

Most of the time, the indications are not this obvious. Cybercrime is a growing business. Yes I said it, it is a business for criminals. Cyber threats such as email phishing are becoming more and more evolved and threatening each day. The only way to be sure of cyber safety is to implement cybersecurity solutions that will manage your accounts, inbound, and outbound emails.

AGT offers email security and training to give you and your organization peace of mind from the adversary. Your time, identity, and your money is valuable. We want to help you preserve them. We cover your vulnerabilities from the core and empower your employees with effective awareness and training in case your organization is targeted. Our inbound filtering blocks malicious activity from entering your inbox and our outbound filtering prevents sensitive information from being taken.

Contact us for more information on how we can keep you safe from phishing emails.

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