NASHVILLE, TN JUNE 20th 2019- Barracuda Networks, an industry leader in email security, held their annual CudaCon conference in Nashville Tennessee. It was a wonderful event with guest speakers including Microsoft. Forrester research has recognized Barracuda as a company who is bringing innovation to email security. In its guide for buyers considering email-security solutions, Forrester’s evaluation gave Barracuda the highest possible scores in:

  • Cloud integration
  • Deployment options
  • Support
  • Customer success criteria

According to Forrester:

“Barracuda provides an innovative AI-based solution to protect against phishing and business email compromise attacks. Customers praise Barracuda’s innovation, O365 integration, and customer support.”

Email security is an essential solution that should be incorporated into all cybersecurity strategies. Barracuda offers your organization inbound protection to prevent against incoming spam, viruses, and phishing attacks as well as outbound filtering to filter outbound emails and encrypt sensitive data to prevent data leakage. 

Barracuda Sentinel 

Sentinel is the newest addition to the Barracuda portfolio. Clients that utilize this new technology are hands free in regards to their email security because Sentinel is mostly automated and its deep learning capabilities allow it to teach itself to comprehend and prevent threats. It is a part of Barracuda’s complete email security package. This technology is groundbreaking and sets itself apart from others because it detects threats that average email security gateways can’t with virtually no I.T. administration required. Sentinel is a high performance A.I. engine that detects threats and prevents spear phishing attacks, account take over, and all malicious threats. 

Most employees do not know what a phishing email looks like.

That is why Barracuda also offers complete spear phishing simulation training to empower workers as well as keeping your company secure. 
We enjoyed attending CudaCon and look forward to watching the growth and innovation that Barracuda Networks brings to the cybersecurity industry. Making email safe for business with award-winning email-filtering, spam blocking, encryption, archiving, and backup.

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