Assessing Your Company Culture And How To Change It

What is company culture? Is it defined by your company’s mission? Could it be defined by the work environment? Does your company support the millennial culture?

The future is moving in a direction where employees must love their company culture. If they do not, they move on.

Workers are now courting companies to make sure that their time spent with the company will bring positive energy to them. Mind you, there are some company cultures that are not ready for this work culture revolution we are in the middle of. Most forward-thinking cultures culture start with the consideration for the employee’s well-being. They recognize that company growth can only happen when employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.

There are several different types of work culture, 4 main kinds to be exact. There is clan, market, adhocracy, and hierarchy.

  • Clan culture is a friendly and open company culture that promotes comradery and have strong bonds with each other. Clan culture is a fun and freethinking company culture.
  • Market culture is known for being a very focused and competitive work environment. Market culture is very results driven.
  • Adhocracy is a medium between market and clan culture. Adhocracy is culture is very innovative and forward thinking. Think Facebook culture.
  • Hierarchy culture is comparable to military structure. Hierarchy focuses mostly on process and procedure. Leaders monitor and facilitate company growth.

As a millennial worker, the clan culture is the most enticing to work for.

The millennial generation does not respond well to confinement or lack of freedom. This generation is filled with forward-thinking and creative workers as well as entrepreneurs. A lot of people within the millennial generation have found ways to self employ themselves. If a millennial does not feel freedom or trust in the workplace, they will either start a company themselves or leave the company that confines them. The millennial workforce has outnumbered previous generations by a landslide. Times have changed and companies are compromising on restrictive company cultures.

Statistics show that a strong company culture with happy employees increases profitability and unhappy workers are less productive.

The department of economics at the University of Warwick found that happy workers are 12% more successful and productive in comparison to the average worker while unhappy workers are 10% less productive. Studies have shown that unhappy workers cost businesses $300 billion a year.

My generation wants to feel like they are working towards the future with a purpose. Organizations with positive energy, light company missions, and collaborative teams entice us to work for them. In my career, I have left companies without batting an eye due to poor company culture. My generation puts self care at the top of the list of their priorities. They care about themselves enough to leave an unhealthy work environment that does not support a positive culture.

Google is known for having a very collaborative, innovative, free spirited, and colorful work environment. They also give the option to work remote. Google is just one of the many examples of large corporations who inspire their workforce with the freedom to work how and when they are comfortable. The napping pods and free snacks are just perks on top of those core values. This is a clan company culture.

To shift to a clan culture within an organization, you must change the environment of the company while building mutual trust between the worker and employer. The most effective way to make this transition is to implement tools and applications that promote trust between the employer and the worker. The best tools to shift a company culture are cybersecurity tools.

Progressive and innovative organizations are aware of cyber risk.

With today’s technologies in cybersecurity, employers gain full visibility to the secured devices their employees use while minimizing risk in the workplace. I am a part of a company that embraces work life balance while having the option to work remote. Cybersecurity solutions give employers full visibility to monitor productivity and screen time. Being confined to brick and mortar work environments can be distracting,restricting, and unbearable. Ask yourself, Do you mind your employer knowing what you are doing for the price of a healthy work life balance? The future of great companies with great cultures begin with adopting cybersecurity solutions. Transform your employee experience.


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