What does your company culture feel like? Do you work in a positive environment? Productivity begins with the employees of a corporation. If happiness is amongst the workforce, productivity and success increases. That is not a theory, judging by statistics, it is a fact.

Company culture has changed as our generations have.

I speak for millennial workers, as I am one, when I say that what we value the most in life is our independence and a healthy work/life balance. My generation has broken the mold of many corporate traditions such as working remotely because they value freedom and corporate company culture has not always catered to the well-being of their workers. The millennial generation is now taking over the workforce surpassing generation X with flying colors.

A company culture built on emotional intelligence has been proven to be successful. In 2019, we are in a very emotionally driven society. With that being said, workers in this generation value their mental health more than ever before. If a company does not hold their culture to a high and healthy standard, there will be high turn overs.

The shift from customer centric to employee centric experience has shifted the workforce from the ground up. Many employers of top organizations are recognizing that if work/life balance is not acknowledged or prioritized, they may lose top talent employees. This is a day and age where workers recognize their worth and do not settle.

The idea that remote workers are not productive is extremely false.

We now have cybersecurity resources that keep companies secure while empowering the remote worker. These cybersecurity tools allow employers to monitor activity while improving company culture by striving to provide work/life balance.

When implementing cybersecurity tools, the employer maximizes visibility while providing independence to their workers. I would then ask employers, If you do not trust your workers to take initiative, then why are you working with them? When people feel free of micro management and have the ability to work from anywhere, creativity increases as well as productivity.

It seems as though the culture of the workforce has come full circle since the 50’s. In that era, there was a home life consideration and a loyalty found between employer and worker. Only this time around, we have found a way to make both parties feel comfortable through solutions that give corporations the ability to monitor computer activity more effectively than if their employee was sitting across the desk from them. Technology is ever growing and flourishing with new ways to improve our lives. These cybersecurity solutions improve corporate culture.

When your workforce is positive, what you produce will be positive.

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