The Benefits Of Working Remotely

In 2019, the top fortune 1000 companies are adopting cutting edge solutions that empower the remote worker to promote better productivity. These solutions increase teamwork so employees can focus on the core business instead of being distracted in a large corporate environment. With cloud based security solutions, the employer has maximum visibility of productivity while keeping company data secure. This offers employees the freedom to work remote while offering employers a chance to have security and device monitoring. Transforming the employee experience.

A study was done to show that the amount of employees that have difficulties staying focused in their work environment increased by 16 percent since 2018. Workers also stated that they are unable to find a quiet place to work in their cooperate environments. Here are a few reasons why secure remote working is the best solution.

Productivity vs. Distractions

A popular opinion amongst employers is that working remotely slows down productivity amongst workers. This isn’t necessarily true for a few reasons. Many employees view their office environment as being disruptive and distracting. When a work environment is too noisy, it is bad for productivity and when a work environment is too strict, it is bad for company culture.

When a company has full visibility they can then monitor productivity while keeping their company secure. 92 percent of employees say that video chatting and working remote actually increases teamwork rather than hindering their relationships. With distance between a team, it increases the need and want for communication. Without a noisy and distracting work environment, it helps keep the relationships between team mates at a proper balance between comradery and professionalism. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and increases want for communication between teammates.

Freedom to take initiative

Freedom for employees to schedule when they work, increases their productivity. For example, If you had to be home for renovations and had the option to work remotely, you do not have to choose between taking the day off and working. You have the freedom to make your own schedule and to take initiative to get your work done. If employees are aware of their responsibilities, they will dial in on time for their conference calls and meet project deadlines. Having the ability to run a time sensitive errand during the day creates extreme gratitude. Allowing the relationship between employer and employees to be copacetic.

Remote colleagues are secure colleagues

If you are sitting across your employee in the office, do you know what they are actually doing on their computer? No. Are they working on an assigned project or are they online shopping? Who knows?

Employees are savvy at deleting computer history these days. However, with the correct technology in place, monitoring employees not only can define what they are doing across from you, but can also detect incoming cybersecurity threats. Giving the employee full visibility into the work day regardless of whether they are in front of you or not.

 AGT aims to transform the employee experience within the work place while keeping your company secure and giving you the option to give your employee’s freedom which in turn, transforms your company’s culture.

If you have full visibility, you can monitor productivity while keeping your company secure.


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