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The true beginning to cybersecurity within any organization is awareness. Are you aware of your cyber surroundings? Are you and your employees trained and prepared to face a cyberthreat?

You may know of the common cyber threats that cross your paths such as phishing, smishing, malware, and ransomware, but can you and your employees recognize every threat? Does your organization have a process when a potential breach has been detected? Cybersecurity tools are essential to mitigate risk, but without awareness and recognition, you and your employees are vulnerable to all attacks.  An attack can help the intruder gain access to your corporate network and lead to exfiltration of the valuable company and personal information.

Training is key to recognition and awareness. 4 out of 7 employees do not know what a phishing email actually looks like. There are clues that training can imprint on everyone in your organization. An average phishing attack costs mid-size companies $1.6million. Every day, hackers are attempting to compromise you. Their tactics are becoming more and more sophisticated and directed toward persuading CEO’s and employees into handing over their personal data. AGT offers your organization top-tier cybersecurity awareness and training, giving you the insight and process to work securely each and every day.

When welcoming new employees, cybersecurity practices should be included in their onboarding training. All security standards, protocol, and procedures will be implemented and followed before your employees have access to your company’s data. Reduce your chance of being breached with proper training.

Our training services address the technical and human elements of your organization to help you meet compliance standards, maximize data security, manage vendor technologies and incorporate industry best practices. Ascension Global Technology will keep your business safe by building your cybersecurity practice with the assistance of our elite team of advisors. The first step within that cybersecurity strategy is cybersecurity training and awareness. Keep yourself and your employees practiced and prepared for any and all cyber threats.

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