Cybersecurity may seem like a foreign language to many executives and organizations who are not well versed on the subject. Despite how much you need cybersecurity, you don’t know what you don’t know. Do you have a strategy to minimize your risk? Are you seeking an expert to give your organization top tier cybersecurity direction? Look no further than AGT’s virtual (vCISO) services.

A CISO is an expert cybersecurity practitioner who is responsible for an organization’s information and data security. You virtual CISO will examine your current cybersecurity strategy, identify your vulnerabilities, implement security applications and processes, while monitoring any potential risks.

Virtual CISO experts are highly sought-after resources.  Even though they are a rarity, they are still an extremely important part of your security ecosystem. C-suite execs need strategic and operational direction to implement a cybersecurity practice.

Virtual CISO’s give your organization the opportunity to utilize an expert in their field. A Virtual CISO is equal parts technical expert and senior leader. A CISO creates and directs your organization’s cybersecurity management strategy from the C-suite executives downward, creating a comprehensive information security program that leverages forward looking technology, people and practices. 

With the cybersecurity industry ever changing and evolving, it is a CISO’s job to keep your organization up to date and your security ecosystem evolving. AGT’s vCISO program ensures your company will employ best in breed cybersecurity practices designed to bolster your defenses while mitigating data loss and breaches. If your company is breached, your virtual CISO will use forensics to identify and remediate the breach and implement a strategy to fill any gaps your security posture has.

From identifying flaws in your system, to designing your architecture and managing your processes, AGT has you covered with our vCISO services.

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