Fighting cyber crime starts with internet security

Did you know that the majority of cybersecurity threats you encounter come through the internet? When you are surfing the internet, your computer, your network, and your data is in critical danger of being breached. Internet security is mandatory for any organization.

Internet security is the foundation of a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity. To keep your organization secure, you must build your cybersecurity posture from the base, which is your internet.

Internet security is an extension of computer security. It applies to other operating systems as a whole. Its objective is to establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the Internet.

Malware and ransomware are two of the largest threats coming from your browser. Malware is designed to cause disruption and damage to your computer while taking your data. When infected with ransomware, you become locked out of your computer and all of your data leaving you at the mercy of the hacker who will charge you ransom to unlock your computer. 1 in 13 web requests contain malware and 1 in 5 businesses are hacked and do not even know it.

AGT can assist you in keeping your organization safe. With our trusted team of advisors and best-in-class vendors on your side, we offer 24/7 security to detect threats before you become breached. We block any suspicious activity or threats before they enter your computer so that you may browse the internet safely.

Imagine the internet as an alternate world and your computer holds access to all of your valuable assets. Before walking outside into this alternate world, wouldn’t you do your best to avoid dangerous places? As we would in real life, keep yourself secure by not entering into territory that is threatening, especially when you have so much to lose.

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