Latest Developments Revealed at Fal.Con 2018 POWER UP Conference

Fal.Con 2018 POWER UP Conference

The second annual CrowdStrike Cybersecurity Conference, Fal.Con 2018, has wrapped up at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida.  The POWER UP conference brought together some of the top cybersecurity professionals and industry experts from around the world from September 17-19th.

As a CrowdStrike partner, the Ascension Global Technology team is proud to have been one of the 600 members in attendance at the annual conference to participate in the informative discussions and engage with top security experts and peers. There were some incredibly insightful keynotes, technical and business sessions, along with some new and exciting announcements regarding the company and it’s signature platform, CrowdStrike Falcon. See the Fal.Con POWER UP Conference website for the full line-up of speakers and topics. If you missed the Fal.Con POWER UP 2018 conference this year, here is a summary of the top announcements at the two and a half day conference.

Announcements Made at Fal.Con 2018 POWER UP Conference

CrowdStrike CEO & Co-Founder, George Kurtz, presenting the opening address onstage at Fal.Con 2018 POWER UP Conference Sept 17-19

Some new announcements were revealed at POWER UP, including news that there would be continued expansion of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, new training and certification programs, and a strategic partnership with Secureworks.  For the first time, CrowdStrike also gave out customer awards for organizations demonstrating commitment to implementing next-gen cybersecurity strategies.

CrowdStrike Falcon Platform Expansions

Capabilities Expansion for Linux

The Falcon platform now delivers Linux users the same ability to prevent and contain attacks that has been available to macOS and Windows users. CrowdStrike is currently the only cloud-based endpoint and detection – EDR solution for Linux and is leading the market in Linux coverage in its support of all major Linux versions, including Amazon Linux and Docker containers. Linux users can now stop both external and internal threats through threat prevention and network containment to these environments with CrowdStrike Platform.

Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple, speaks with Deborah Feyerick, Journalist and former CNN National Correspondent on stage at CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2018 POWER UP Conference

New Custom Alerts

CrowdStrike announced that it is enhancing its Threat Graph™-based threat detection capability to help ease the burden on security operations centers (SOC) teams and help better defend their organizations against anomalous activity and highly targeted attacks. The introduction of new custom alerts help to speed up incident response and investigation and are derived from both real-time and retrospective data.  Custom endpoint activity trackers and alerts can be built that leverage the CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence dataset available in the Falcon platform for continuous monitoring and hunting for activities indicating environment-specific risk.

Scalable, High Volume Security Event Detection and Blocking

Powered by the CrowdStrike Threat Graph, the Falcon platform now processes and analyzes over one trillion security events per week, with 3.5 million blocking decisions per second.  The Falcon leverages industry-leading threat telemetry and also enables customers to have five-second visibility into endpoint activity across their entire organization. The scalable, cloud-based technology is custom-built on a graph database to identify previously undetectable attacks with sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and behavioral analytics.

Professional Certifications

CrowdStrike announced that it will be launching new professional training and certifications, including CrowdStrike Falcon Certified Administrator, Responder, and Hunter for security professionals. The training is designed to help gain greater insight into the threats faced by their organization and provide enhanced ability to uncover new attack techniques and master threat hunting best practices.

Secureworks Partnership

CrowdStrike announced a strategic partnership with Secureworks to deliver a market-leading endpoint detection and response solution with applied analytics and intelligence. With Secureworks’ Red Cloak behavioral analytics and intelligence with endpoint telemetry from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform organizations can accelerate investigations and have guided remediation steps for a more confident response to real threats. SecureWorks customers can now use CrowdStrike Falcon for endpoint protection and Crowdstrike customers can now have the Falcon solution managed by Secureworks.

CrowdStrike Customer Excellence Awards

CrowdStrike recognized what it considers to be some of the top organizations that are setting the standard for the cybersecurity industry in their commitment to implementing innovative, next-generation cybersecurity solutions. There were four award categories, the winners of which were Hyatt Hotels Corp., ADP, Anglo American and The Pokemon Co. International.

If you missed Fal.Con 2018 and would like to find out more about endpoint detection and response, the CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent platform or would like a full-featured free trial of CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent, contact Ascension Global Technology today.

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