Cybersecurity Is Every Employee’s Job

The growing number of privacy and data breaches and ransomware attacks making the daily news serve as a cautionary reminder for companies to treat cybersecurity as a top priority.  As companies undergo digital transformation and enjoy the benefits of enabling technology, they are also inevitably exposed to cyber risks. This is simply a reality of living and doing business in the digital age.

Companies mainly focus their cybersecurity efforts on intrusion detection and prevention technologies designed to protect their network infrastructure and digital assets, databases and system software. However, the human attack surface is growing and companies are realizing that insider threats can be just as damaging as outsider threats.

While malicious insider threats cannot be helped by employee education, breaches and data leaks due to negligence and inadvertent errors can be significantly reduced through cyber awareness and education.

All Hands On Deck For Workplace Cybersecurity

While IT security has traditionally been the sole responsibility of the IT department and specialists, now it is increasingly a case of all-hands on deck. Every single employee has a degree of responsibility for the security of the organization.

Companies have a duty to educate employees on how to protect and preserve the company’s assets and resources.

Beyond the need for employee awareness and adherence to various IT security policies that are put in place, such as usage policies, access policies, password setting guidelines etc., it helps for staff members to understand exactly why security policies exist, and their role in preventing security incidents in the workplace.  Every organization should strive to raise the “cybersecurity consciousness” of employees.  All staff need to know what to look out for in order to raise the alarm on suspicious activity or potential threats and scams.  Cybersecurity awareness also extends beyond the workplace and is just as relevant and important to employees for use in their daily online activities outside of work.

Do Your Employees Know The Basics of Workplace Cybersecurity?

Cyber aware employees add another layer to the organization’s security defenses.  In addition to the right mix of implemented technology tools and security policies, a robust cybersecurity posture includes employee education and awareness.  Lack of employee cybersecurity training represents a key security weakness for many businesses and organizations across all industries.

Companies with a more mature security culture recognize that in addition to working on combating outsider threats, measures are needed to minimize insider threats. They also know that while security technology tools go a long way toward detecting, identifying and preventing security threats, an innocent error on the part of an employee could bypass the strongest of security measures.

Do your employees know what red flags to look out for? By clearly understanding the basics of cybersecurity and their role in helping to identify and prevent potential security incidents and breaches, organizations can significantly reduce their cyber risk due to employee error.

As part of your organization’s security efforts, regular cybersecurity trainingis recommended on the common security vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals.  Every single employee is a candidate for security awareness training.

AGT and Avance Learning Solutions Cybersecurity Awareness Course

With the need for cybersecurity employee education on the rise, Ascension Global Technology has partnered with Avance Learning Solutions to develop a workplace cybersecurity awareness course.  The e-learning security awareness training course teaches employees to understand vulnerabilities and threats to business operations through a series of interactive and engaging videos. To learn more about the course and how you can start educating your workforce today, contact Ascension Global Technology.


Train Your Employees On The Latest Cybersecurity Trends and Tactics

Educate your employees today on their responsibilities and accountabilities when using a computer on the business network. To find out more about our cybersecurity training course or security solutions, contact Ascension Global Technology.

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