Two Women Entrepreneurs Join Forces to Improve Workplace Cybersecurity Awareness

Education and Cybersecurity Experts Develop Dynamic Cybersecurity Platform

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. —Monday, Jan. 29, 2018— CEO/Founder of Ascension Global Technology, Delta Munoz-Saoud, together with CEO/Founder of Avance Learning Solutions, Kimberly Archuleta, have teamed up to create an engaging and dynamic educational cybersecurity platform for today’s digital workplace.

Munoz-Saoud and Archuleta designed “Cybersecurity basics for the digital workplace 101” to educate and empower employees to identify and prevent potential online scams and threats. The course content, developed by cybersecurity professionals, helps employees to understand their role in preventing and protecting themselves in the workplace from cybersecurity threats.

Munoz-Saoud says, “Businesses today need to start educating their staff to be cybersecurity aware. All staff are responsible for the organization’s security, not just the IT professionals. While technology tools have their place, security is more than just the technology and tools – the human element is just as important.”

Housed on a robust, custom-designed e-learning platform, the course is structured in an easy to understand format with a branched lesson structure and is presented in a fun and dynamic way. Complete with 10 different definitions and scenarios, animations, and mini-quiz checkpoints throughout, the one-hour interactive course is sure to keep learners engaged.

“Learning should be dynamic and touch as many senses as possible to ensure the student is engaged and having fun”, says Archuleta.

AGT and ALS invites volunteers to participate in beta testing of the course prior to its official release.

If you would like the opportunity to test run the course to learn more about cybersecurity essentials, please Contact Ascension Global Technology.

Feedback received from volunteers during testing will assist AGT and Avance to refine the course prior to its official release, pegged for March. A more advanced course will follow this introductory course.


About Avance Learning Solutions (ALS)

Avance Learning Solutions is comprised of e-learning experts, who have been instrumental in the development of computer based training for employees around the world for nearly 15 years. The company provides a platform to manage and deliver e-learning courses and takes a multi-step approach to building and integrating Learning Management Systems.
ALS assesses current training and ongoing education programs, understands each client’s fundamental objectives, and develops e-courses, learning paths, simulations, and job aids to meet strategic goals.  ALS’s mission is to build an industry leading-firm that services clients through E-Learning Solutions, which will meet challenges, highlight the opportunities, and save the client time and money along with promoting employee retention.


About Ascension Global Technology (AGT)

AGT offers complete end-to-end security protection through technology tools, cybersecurity strategy, consulting, and project management services. From addressing specific security gaps to a full environment cybersecurity strategy. With services designed to improve any organization’s overall organizational security posture, AGT develops strategies to implement and deploy successful cybersecurity solutions to protect companies from data and financial loss.  AGT’s mission is to safely guide its partners into the digital era, empowering companies to achieve their IT vision through a unique combination of powerful tools and expert ecosystem.


Media Contact
To learn more about Ascension Global Technology and Avance Learning Solutions cybersecurity education and training, please contact:

Kieu Pham, Media Relations
260 First Ave. South, #149
Saint Petersburg, Fl 33701
(727) 497-7382

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